Recovery international

Recognized: 03-06-2019

Sector: Community & Faith-based Organization

Recovery International (R.I.) was founded in 1937 by neuropsychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low and his patients who sought to re-enter society after hospitalization, to talk about their conditions, and to eliminate the stigma of mental illness.

The mission of Recovery International is to use the cognitive-behavioral, peer-to-peer, self-help training system developed by Dr. Low to help individuals gain skills to lead more peaceful and productive lives. Recovery International vision aims to be the world’s premier provider of self-help training for mental health and wellness, available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Recovery International offers meetings to men and women of all ages that ease the suffering from mental health issues. In the last 80 plus years. R.I. has equipped more than 1 million people with tools to control their own behavior and change attitudes.

Recovery International

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