RISE San Diego

RISE San Diego joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on October 9, 2017. RISE SD elevates and advances urban leadership through civic engagement, dynamic nonprofit partnerships, and direct training and support to help residents effect meaningful community change.

RISE SD provides training and technical assistance to small minority-owned businesses and nonprofits in the Mid-City and Southeastern San Diego areas though the Project MOST program. Participants in this program gain skills in strategic planning, resource development, succession planning, and other critical areas for organizational success.

RISE has worked diligently to increase small business sustainability, achieve small business growth, and increase the capacity for services and employment.

In partnership with the University of San Diego’s Leadership Institute, the RISE Urban Leadership Fellows Program helps to identify and empower a generation of leaders who will not only bring urban communities up, but who will also bring them together.

RISE SD offers free civic engagement trainings alongside community partners to urban residents with a goal of promoting participation on local boards and commissions, community planning groups, and effectively engaging with elected officials and other decision makers to help urban communities grow and succeed.


RISE San Diego

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