San Diegans for HealthCare Coverage

San Diegans for HealthCare Coverage joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on April 17, 2017. Since 2002, San Diegans for HealthCare Coverage (SDHCC) has served as a coalition for health, a trusted community leader and an unbiased resource. SDHCC is a catalyst for achieving a vision for better health in the San Diego region by convening with the community, providing the voice, and serving as the navigator to achieve optimal health coverage and care for all San Diegans.

SDHCC is committed to non-partisan and inclusive collaboration that bridges the divide and builds consensus towards real change.  In addition, SDHCC provides education and advocacy so that individuals and families can secure or maintain affordable coverage and care through Medi-Cal, Covered California, Medicare, County Medical Services, and through other means. Recent activities included a regional campaign for the defense of the Affordable Care Act; promotion of Covered California plan updates; and attendance at health expos sponsored by SDSU and UCSD.

San Diegans for HealthCare Coverage is dedicated to continuing to advance the Live Well San Diego Vision by providing all San Diegans meaningful health coverage and care.

San Diegans for HealthCare Coverage

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