San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDCBC) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on August 27, 2017. SDCBC supports Live Well San Diego’s vision of creating safe, healthy and thriving communities by educating all people, cyclists and motor vehicle operators, on how to safely use public roadways, and advocating for the installation of complete streets.

SDCBC’s mission is to advocate for, and protect the rights of, all people who ride bicycles.  SDCBC promotes bicycling as a mainstream, safe and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation. 

Since 1987, SDCBC has acted as voice for bicyclists in the region and advocated for safer streets and hundreds of miles of bike paths, lanes and trails all across the San Diego region. SDCBC conducts educational programs, promotes awareness of bicyclists and bicycling issues, reviews infrastructure improvements, and acts as a voice for bicyclists to elected officials and decision makers all over San Diego County.

San Diego Bicycle Coalition is committed to advancing Live Well San Diego into the future in the following ways:

·         Advocating for connected, separated bicycle facilities to encourage more ridership to reach City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan Goal of 18% bicycle mode share in Transit Priority Areas by the year 2035

·         Hosting community bikes rides which teach children and their parents how to safely ride on the road together

·         Educating the public about bicycle infrastructure such as sharrows, the dangers of distracted driving, and wrong way bicycle riding among others

·         Hosting bicycle events, such as Bike the Bay, that encourage every day riders to experience life on two wheels and create community with each other

Activate! Educate! Celebrate! With the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition!


San Diego Bicycle Coalition Recognition Event
San Diego Bicycle Coalition Recognition Event
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