San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on April 5, 2016. Since 1999, the Museum has been “inspiring children to learn about our world through exploration, imagination, and experimentation.” Today, San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum remains the only hands-on educational children’s museum in North San Diego County, serving children ages 0-10 with interactive exhibits and programs focused on science, art and world cultures.

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum is committed to ensuring all children have access to hands-on learning and offers field trip scholarships, over 1,000 annual complimentary memberships to local underserved families and approximately 10,000 complimentary admissions to active-duty and veteran family members each year.

The Museum features four focused program areas:

  • Experimentation (science, math, engineering)
  • Exploration (world cultures, history)
  • Imagination (theater arts, visual arts, music)
  • Discovery (outdoor space featuring gardens, environmental science, world cultures, arts)

All exhibits and programs align with federal and state curriculum requirements and foster development of crucial life skills such as curiosity, confidence and creativity - qualities that strengthen children’s potential to excel in school, careers, and communities and as parents themselves. Children are provided the opportunity for creative problem solving, critical thinking, hands-on exploration and experimentation in a safe environment.

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum understands the vital role of collaboration and partnership in building a healthy, safe and economically thriving region and continues to engage numerous partners throughout San Diego County to bridge the important gap in early childhood education.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner SAN DIEGO CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY MUSEUM


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