San Diego County Latino Association

The San Diego County Latino Association (SDCLA) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on July 13, 2018. Yet its efforts have been on-going since 1983 when it was founded, remaining the longest running Employee Resource Group (ERG) in the San Diego County. SDCLA was established to promote professional excellence, leadership, and cultural awareness, while serving as a strategic partner for community achievement and the County’s success. It offers networking opportunities through mentoring, training, and activities that benefit the community and its members.

SDCLA focuses on development of four core focus areas to promote the vision of serving as a valuable resource for employees, the County of San Diego, and the community. The core values include cultural awareness by promoting diversity of all Latino groups; recruitment and retention through community outreach activities to County employees and regional Latino organizations; professional development through continuous advancement of SDCLA members into fulfilling careers and key roles within the County of San Diego; and developing strong relationships with community organizations and County departments and actively supporting County initiatives that are consistent with their mission and goals.

In addition SDCLA, aims for achieving a networking diverse and inclusive environment to meet and interact various County levels. Through building professional development it has afforded opportunities for career enhancement and participation of guest lectures, training workshops and job information sharing. SDCLA also thrives to stay informed by discussing current County, State, and Federal issues and being informed of changes in County policies, rules and procedures that affect those in the community. And lastly, SDCLA succeeds to play an important role in promoting and fulfilling the Live Well San Diego vision in the County of San Diego by serving the San Diego communities throughout the regions.

The San Diego County Latino Association continues to be a leader in the San Diego region and strives to uphold the Live Well San Diego vision of a healthy, safe, and thriving community.


San Diego County Latino Association

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