San Diego Dance Theater

San Diego Dance Theatre joined Live Well San Diego on January 22, 2017.  San Diego Dance Theatre was founded in 1972 as a professional company and has enriched the cultural life of San Diego for 45 years through countless dance concerts and training for young dancers.

San Diego Dance Theatre has earned its reputation as a company of fully-professional dancers committed to unconventional and courageous programming that expands access to the stage for dancers of many nationalities, races, ages and physical abilities. The theatre is known for its cross-border projects, vibrant school, site-specific Trolley Dances and summer dance workshops.

The San Diego Dance Theatre is committed to continuing to advance the Live Well San Diego vision by stimulating among its performers and students an interest in the health, recreation and human-care needs of the residents of San Diego County. The San Diego Dance Theatre is also committed to increasing physical activity for all ages, increasing community engagement and connectivity, and ensuring a safe environment for all to work, live and play. 

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner San Diego Dance Theater

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