San Diego Senior Games Association

The SDSGA joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner at the Vital Aging Expo on June 2, 2017 as it celebrated its 30th anniversary as the oldest and longest running multi-sporting event for seniors in California,

Formerly the San Diego Senior Olympics, the San Diego Senior Games Association has played a vital role in the lives of thousands of senior athletes, helping to instill a sense of purpose, a reason to exercise, and a desire to improve their health and well-being.  With 30 years of service, the SDSGA has a longstanding tradition of helping age 50+ men and women continually raise the bar on healthy living.

The San Diego Senior Games Association is best known for their Olympic-style event held annually each September.  Referred to by many as “The September Games,” the San Diego Senior Games feature more than 25 individual and team sporting events held throughout San Diego.  Averaging over 1500 participants, 300 volunteers, and countless spectators each year, it’s a fun-filled, inspirational sports and social event that brings together people of all ages.

The San Diego Senior Games Association also provides year-round programs, classes, and events for men and women over the age of 50.  For example, the SDSGA reaches out to recreational and 55+ communities throughout San Diego, providing classes and information on a wide variety of relevant health, fitness, and sports topics, including opportunities to learn new sports and compete in leagues and tournaments.

In 2018, the fitness branch of the SDSGA will be expanded. Educational classes and workshops will be offered to educate the aging athlete in the best practices for taking care of their bodies.  Topics like nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation will be available.

The San Diego Senior Games welcomes men and women of all fitness and skill levels. Through the process of training, practicing and competing, these athletes create an extended family of lifelong friendships that support them during life’s most exciting, and sometimes challenging, times.  

San Diego Senior Games Association Proclamation Ceremony
Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner San Diego Senior Games Association

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