San Diego Veterans Coalition

The San Diego Veterans Coalition joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on October 7, 2016. Organized in 2009, the San Diego Veterans Coalition has a membership comprised of a wide variety of non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as governmental agencies and civic minded individuals. The San Diego Veterans Coalition supports Veterans in the region by inspiring and encouraging collaboration and cooperation among service providers,  advocating for better integration of services, improving communication between Veterans and providers and providing guidance and leadership.

The San Diego Veterans Coalition honors and cares for U.S. Veterans, their families and significant others by integrating all available support and services county-wide. The organizations that belong to the San Diego Veterans Coalition specialize in a variety of fields (education, housing, employment, healthcare). The concept is based on leveraging relationships with other Veteran Service organizations, so that the San Diego Veterans Coalition may provide Veterans with complete and comprehensive services. 

The San Diego Veterans Coalition has developed five Affinity Groups to organize the work of the Coalition and have patterned these Affinity Groups off the successful Live Well San Diego collective impact model:

  1. Physical and Emotional Health
  2. Family Life
  3. Personal & Self Health
  4. Employment & Financial Health
  5. Spiritual Wellness

Through these Affinity Groups the San Diego Veterans Coalition is identifying gaps and creating measurable outcomes to resolve them.

The San Diego Veterans Coalition is committed to continuing to advance the Live Well San Diego vision by promoting physical, emotional and social well-being; economic growth through employment and financial stability; and personal development through education, optimal access to the legal system and volunteer opportunities.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner San Diego Veterans Coalition


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