San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority

San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority (JPA) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on May 24, 2017. Established in 1989, San Dieguito River Park JPA is responsible for creating and maintaining the natural open space within the San Dieguito River Valley that stretches 55 miles from the ocean at Del Mar to Volcan Mountain, just north of Julian. The agency is composed of the County of San Diego and the Cities of Del Mar, Escondido, Poway, San Diego and Solana Beach to plan, design, and oversee the San Dieguito River Park. Over the past 28 years, San Dieguito River Park JPA has protected the sensitive plant communities, wildlife habitat, cultural history, and watershed resources of the open space corridor, in addition to encouraging responsible agriculture.  

The San Dieguito River Park has much to offer nature enthusiasts, families, and those who love the outdoors. More than 65 miles of trails of every level are open year-round for day-use free of charge. Visitors can explore the trails on foot, bike, or horseback. From the highlighted Coast to Crest Trail that will one day link trails and paths from the Pacific Ocean to Volcan Mountain, to the celebration and preservation of local heritage and natural resources, the San Dieguito River Park is creating recreational and educational opportunities that interface gently with nature and support San Diego County residents to be healthy, safe and thriving! The River Park encourages visitors to be active outdoors and provides them with the unique opportunity to experience San Diego’s biodiversity up close on the trails through Park-sponsored activities and volunteer events.

In addition to events, the San Dieguito River Park also offers volunteer opportunities for all ages and skills - from trail patrol and habitat restoration to internships. Moving forward, San Dieguito River Park JPA will continue to preserve, enhance, and protect the natural open space, animals, vegetation and water resources for generations to come. Through their many efforts and preservation of the natural environment, San Dieguito River Park JPA is committed to advancing the Live Well San Diego vision to support healthy, safe and thriving communities. 

San Dieguito River Park Proclamation
Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner San Dieguito River Park

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