San Marcos Unified School District

The San Marcos Unified School District joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on May 16, 2017 following a vote by its Governing Board. San Marcos Unified School District recognizes the link between student health and learning, and strives to provide a comprehensive school health program that supports and reinforces physical education, health services, nutrition services, psychological and counseling services, health promotion for staff, and a safe and healthy school environment with parent and community involvement. To promote school wellness, San Marcos Unified School District formed a Wellness Committee comprised of parents, staff and community stakeholders to support the District in promoting the health and wellness of its students and families.  San Marcos Unified School District promotes good nutrition for their students by offering food and beverages that meet or exceed State and Federal nutrition services requirements.  Additionally, San Marcos Unified School Distric tpartners with the nonprofit organization, Provision San Diego, to provide nutritious food for families in need on weekends throughout the school year.

In order to address the health needs of their students, San Marcos Unified School District partners with North County Health Services to provide free dental screening services to all elementary and middle school students throughout the District. The District also provides students with programs that focus on drug and alcohol abuse prevention through their partnership with the San Marcos Prevention Coalition.

In order to provide a safe school and community environment, San Marcos Unified School District partners with emergency responders and school sites in the development of disaster and emergency plans, and has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide community care and shelter facilities in the event of a disaster.

Moving forward, San Marcos Unified School District is committed to continuing its successful programs that support both students and families and contribute towards a healthy, safe, and thriving community.

San Marcos Unified School District

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