San Ysidro School District

San Ysidro School District (SYSD) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on August 5, 2015. SYSD became a Live Well San Diego partner because of their efforts to support overall health and wellness for students, staff and families in their district. SYSD provides services for 7 schools and more than 5,200 students in grades preschool through eighth, aiming to provide an educational environment in which all students succeed.

A vital asset in the South Region of San Diego County, SYSD continues to do outstanding work in the areas of school health and safety. Some priorities include:

  • Physical activity and health
    • After-school physical activity opportunities for students and parents at several district schools
    • Safe Routes to Schools program to promote changes in the physical environment that make it easier for students and families to walk or bike to school and throughout the community
    • School Board adopted a revised wellness policy, increasing the ability for students to achieve optimal health and safety while on the school campuses and within their communities
  • Nutrition
    • SYSD is working with the School Wellness and Retail Programs (UCSD), the San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative and the Farm to School Taskforce to implement the “Harvest of the Month” calendar where their cafeterias will offer the featured produce fruit or vegetable of the month in the salad bars
    • SYSD Nutrition Department is working with the Humane Society of the United States to implement “Meatless Mondays”, a global movement with the goal to reduce meat consumption by 15% for the student’s personal health and the health of the planet

For more than four years, SYSD has been an active partner collaborating with HHSA South Region, and actively serves on the Live Well San Diego South Region School Wellness Subcommittee, identifying ways to help make the school environment healthier and safer. SYSD wholly supports Live San Diego and is committed to upholding the goals of Live Well San Diego by providing safe, healthy and thriving school environments for students, staff and families.

San Ysidro School District

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