SAY San Diego

SAY San Diego (Social Advocates for Youth) joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on June 4, 2015.  SAY has been involved with Live Well San Diego since its beginnings and strives to address the ten key Live Well San Diego indicators within their services aimed to strengthen children, families and communities, and also within their organization and workforce.  Indicators SAY San Diego addresses daily include: Education, Income, Quality of Life, Unemployment, Safety and Security, Community Well Being and Vulnerable Populations.  

Since its 1971 founding, SAY San Diego has grown into a dynamic, countywide nonprofit organization that benefits more than 80,000 individuals each year by enriching youth, empowering families, and engaging communities to achieve well-being for all.

In their life-enhancing programs, SAY San Diego:

  • Teaches children to make life-long healthy choices through programs aimed at positive decision making, physical activity and recreation in their before and after-school school programs.

  • Promotes healthy eating for families by teaching nutrition, as well as supporting breastfeeding and good nutrition for expectant and new mothers. 

  • Strengthens families with programs focused on parenting and safe and healthy relationships.

  • Provides services to meet the unique needs of families, including military families, and families challenged by economic hardships and other barriers. 

  • Supports youth at risk to form positive family and peer relationships and to develop strong character and high achievement.

  • Fosters alcohol-free, tobacco-free and drug-free environments for youth and adults through community improvement efforts such as City Heights Safe and Clean Coalition, North City Prevention Coalition, Serra Real Connections Elevated, and Advocates for Change Today.

As a recognized Partner, SAY San Diego will to continue advance the Live Well San Diego vision.

SAY San Diego

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