Susan G. Komen San Diego

Susan G. Komen San Diego joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on August 14, 2015. Since the creation of the San Diego County Affiliate in 1995, Susan G. Komen has become the trusted, local organization for accurate information and free services for all aspects of breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen San Diego has raised more than $11.5 million for local uninsured women and their families. Komen is the county’s largest funder of free breast health and cancer resources and is the county’s only organization that provides breast health and cancer resources throughout the entire continuum of care, everything a qualified woman and her family need to be diagnosed, get treated and thrive. Komen conducts community outreach and education that incorporates positive messaging around physical activity, nutrition, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, including their programs addressing Latina and African American communities. Komen is the expert on breast cancer in San Diego County, conducting the Community Profile in depth needs assessment tool every four years, to identify gaps and analyze how to best address and bridge them.

Komen demonstrates the principals of Live Well San Diego through supporting positive choices, pursuing policy and environmental changes and improving the culture within by implementing employee health policies and emergency preparedness plans for staff and business continuity. As a Live Well San Diego Partner, Susan G. Komen San Diego will continue their mission to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures.


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