TransFamily Support Services

Recognized: 6-29-2019

Sector: Community & Faith-Based Organizations

TransFamily Support Services joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on June 29, 2019. Established in 2015, TransFamily Support Services’ mission is to provide guidance for trans individuals and their families while being a catalyst for change in order to foster acceptance, respect & equality for all genders.

TransFamily Support Services works to foster acceptance and understanding in families with a trans or gender non-binary loved one, knowing that the family is the first level of support a trans or gender non-binary child will approach for understanding and acceptance. Through various programs, such as the Essential Family Services Program and Family Engagement Sessions, family members of trans or gender non-binary youth are educated about defining transgender and the need for their acceptance of their loved ones. Helping to educate the family also helps to reduce the stress within the home and lower the rates of homelessness among trans or gender non-binary youth. Family coaching and support groups are offered around the county to provide ongoing support. Medical and mental health resources are also outlined for the families. TransFamily Support Services also collaborates with the trans persons’ school or place of employment for a successful transition in that environment. Other direct services include a youth mentoring program and Youth Ambassador program.

In addition to the direct services to trans and non-binary persons, TransFamily Support Services works directly with medical communities, schools, after school programs, and places of worship to bring education and understanding about the transgender experience. TransFamily Support Services serves on the San Diego Police Department’s LGBTQ Advisory Board, the Mayors LGBTQ Advisory Board, as well as the San Diego Human Relations Commission.  TransFamily Support Services also regularly meets with other LGBT-serving organizations to promote LGBT support and resources throughout the region.

TransFamily Support Services is committed to continuing to advance Live Well San Diego into the future and is embracing strategies of this vision through collaborative engagement with the County of San Diego and local partners to support a healthy, safe, and thriving region.

Transfamily Support Services

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