Vets’ Community Connections joined Live Well San Diego as a Recognized Partner on September 13, 2016.  Vets' Community Connections (VCC) is a community-based initiative designed to involve a greater number of individuals across a broad spectrum of the community in local Veteran reintegration efforts. It provides organizations and businesses who want to do more than say "thanks for your service" the channel to use their own professional experience and expertise to respond to Veteran and military family relocation and reintegration questions in a wide variety of fields: education, health, business, recreation, arts, community service and a host of other areas which collectively make up the communities in which we live.

VCC is a collaborative effort, including the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, the County of San Diego, the San Diego Veterans Coalition and 2-1-1 San Diego. VCC will augment and support the many outstanding Veteran initiatives in San Diego by providing Veterans and their families' access to the greater community creating a "whole community" approach to support Veteran reintegration.

VCC aims to increase awareness to the greater community that there is a role for all in veteran reintegration. Awareness is also aimed at veterans and their families- letting them know that the greater community is willing to connect with them to help ease their transition from the military.

By connecting veterans and their families with the greater community, they will not only get answers to their questions but feel more integrated into the community in which they now live. VCC will also enable community members who have not served to have a better understanding of those that have served and the assets they can bring to a community.

By providing active duty members, veterans and their families an engaging and organized platform to seek support and help from all corners and pillars of the community, Vets' Community Connections will be able to support the three areas of the Live Well San Diego vision. When veterans can tap networks that offer answers to their questions, they will have the information and tools to build better health, live safely and thrive in San Diego.

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner VETS' COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS

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