The Warner Unified School District joined Live Well San Diego as a recognized partner on November 10, 2015 following a vote by its Governing Board. Warner Unified School District became a Live Well San Diego partner by promoting the link between student health and learning by providing a comprehensive environment that supports wellness, healthy eating, nutrition education, and physical education and activity. Warner Unified School District provides programs and services that ensure their schools have the resources needed for teaching, learning, and overall well-being for their approximately 320 students.

In an effort to promote healthy eating and physical activity, the District provides a nutrition program that offers made-from-scratch meals and a salad bar option to students and staff, a teacher-led student running club, a gym to support fitness conditioning for students and staff and physical education classes that are taught by a credentialed physical education teacher. Additionally, the newly approved Quality Pre-School Initiative program purchased the Wellness Champions curriculum to help promote healthy habits and fitness in the District’s Early Education program.

To improve school connectedness and attendance, Warner Unified School District adopted the Schoolwide Positive Behavior Intervention Support framework, a positive discipline approach, which has improved the school climate through the reduction of disciplinary referrals and suspensions. The District also uses strategies such as restorative justice practices to encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and to make things right with those that they have harmed by their actions.

To meet the mental and emotional needs of their students, Warner Unified School District employs a part-time school psychologist and partners with Vista Hill Learning Assistance Center to provide counseling services to students. The District will also be providing staff with training in the Compassionate Schools Program and the youth mental health curriculum to help with early identification and intervention strategies to support all students.

In an effort to promote health among their employees, Warner Unified School District has partnered with the Voluntary Employee Benefit Association to provide staff with access to community health resources, on-site and online health educational opportunities, access to the school gym and a community park with a track.

Moving forward, Warner Unified School District is committed to continuing its successful programs that support students, families, and staff and contribute towards a healthy, safe and thriving community. 

Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner WARNER UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

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