The most meaningful change is homegrown.  Putting the Central Region Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) into action requires local leadership as well as community engagement. Ongoing efforts are taking place to train community members to take on leadership roles in making changes for healthy and safe communities.


Resident Leadership Academies

The Resident Leadership Academy (RLA) is a leadership training opportunity designed to empower, sustain and facilitate resident stewardship in their communities. Residents participate in 10 sessions covering community leadership and advocacy, crime prevention and safety, and healthy food systems and food access. In 2011, community members in Oceanside, National City, Lemon Grove and Southeast San Diego received training on how to make positive changes to the quality of life in their neighborhoods.  These first Resident Leadership Academies (RLAs) were made possible through a partnership between the County and Community Health Improvement Partners, with funding from Healthy Works.  Their success inspired Facilitator Seminars, which give community leaders extensive training and toolkits to go out to train and empower additional healthy change leaders in their communities. New RLAs will be launched in 2014 with federal innovations dollars.

To learn more about Resident Leadership Academies taking place in the Central Region, call (619) 521-7460.