Community Health Improvement Plan

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) outlines an action plan to address several strategic focus areas that are based on community health and safety needs in the East Region which are identified by the Community Health Assessment.  The CHIP helps health officials and community members work together to set priorities, direct the use of resources, and develop and implement projects and programs to improve long-term community health and wellness. The CHIP is continually guided by the Live Well San Diego East Region Leadership Team, a group of community leaders who support the implementation of the plan.

East Region Community Health Improvement Plan


The CHIP is informed by the 3-4-50 Chronic Disease Brief and the Community Health Assessment featured below.

3-4-50: Chronic Disease in East County

3-4-50 1x1

3-4-50 are the three numbers that led to the inception of the Live Well San Diego vision and serve as the cornerstone of the Building Better Health strategy. Three behaviors contribute to four diseases that cause over 50 percent of preventable deaths worldwide. In East Region, those same three behaviors and four diseases lead to 55% of deaths. Community leaders have partnered with County representatives in the East Region to better understand these trends and to begin planning for ways to change health behaviors, which in turn could help to prevent these chronic conditions.

Community Health Assessment (CHA)


A Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a collaborative process of collecting information to help educate and mobilize communities, develop priorities, secure resources and plan actions to improve a region’s health. The Community Health Assessment in East Region has set the framework for developing the Community Health Improvement Plan.  You can learn more about the East Region CHA in the link below.