Community Leadership Team


Working Together to Improve East Region Communities

The East Region Leadership Team is a group of community leaders and stakeholders actively working together in the Health & Human Services Agency East Region to fulfill the vision of Live Well San Diego. The Live Well San Diego East Region Leadership Team aligns it’s work with the County of San Diego’s vision of building Healthy, Safe, and Thriving communities. The leadership team collaborates, assesses, develops, and guides priorities and activities that improve well-being in the region using evidence-based strategies. We are currently building our priorities and activities, so please join us at the next Leadership Team meeting, see link below.



To learn more about Leadership Team meetings, committees and projects, download the  East Region Leadership Team summary. Pending partners are encouraged to attend to learn more about the Live Well San Diego vision. To learn more about what's going on with recognized partners in East San Diego County, please visit the News & Partners page.

For more information or to be included on the e-mail list, please email


Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

Date: April 21, 2022

Occurrence: Every Other Month, 3rd Thursdays

Meeting location: Virtual: