Regional & Community Data

Health and demographic statistics help inform the priority areas for our Community Health Improvement Plan, Community Health Assessment, and the work of our regional Live Well San Diego Leadership Teams. 

Visit the sites below to learn more about how we use data to inform our efforts and improve outcomes in the East Region.


East Region Demographic Profile

Demographic Profiles contain the most recent demographic and economic data available by Region and community. The current profiles reflect 2013 data.

East Region Health Brief

The Health Brief highlights demographic, health, and behavioral data for the East Region, one of six HHSA Regions in San Diego County. 

Regional & Community Data

This website contains the most recent demographic, economic, behavioral, and health data available by Region and community.  For example, you can find the size of a particular population in the County, the median income in a specific community, the percentage of San Diegans who are current smokers and the rate of death due to stroke among a particular age group.

Other Regional Data

This website showcases reports highlighting and summarizing demographic, health and behavioral data for the six HHSA Regions and the rural area of San Diego County. 

Maps & Spatial Statistics

The Community Health Statistics Unit utilizes geographic information systems as a way to help planners, community partners, and the public visualize a variety of data spatially. 

Live Well San Diego Open Performance Dashboard

This interactive data tracking and visualization tool reports progress over time on the Live Well San Diego Top 10 Indicators and related measures (Expanded Indicators) in a user-friendly way.

Live Well San Diego Data Access Portal

This website serves as a single repository for secondary data that optimizes access, use, and exploration of data in machine readable format. Data can be displayed in an excel spreadsheet, chart or graph format, and any user can create a private workspace to save his or her research and view of the data.