Community Leadership Team


Working Together to Improve North Central Communities

The Live Well San Diego North Central Region Leadership Team was formed in June of 2012 to assist in the implementation of the Live Well San Diego vision. The leadership team brings together community leaders, stakeholders and residents to initiate change that will help build healthy, safe, and thriving communities. The mission of the Live Well San Diego North Central Region Leadership Team is to improve the overall health and well-being of San Diego County residents through community engagement.

Through community engagement and assessment, the North Central Region Leadership Team identified public health issues confronting the Region, and formed three committees that address these issues. These three committees aim to improve health by reducing preventable chronic diseases and creating healthy, safe, and thriving communities in our region.

The committees are:

Preventive Healthcare


Increase access to preventive health care by linking residents to community clinics, healthcare providers, and programs.

Live Well San Diego Indicator:

Lack of Health Insurance 

Behavioral Health


Increase access to behavioral health services and decrease access to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.   

Live Well San Diego Indicator:

Life Expectancy 

Physical Activity


Create more pedestrian and bicycle friendly neighborhoods by working with community stakeholders to promote street calming, sidewalks, safe crossings, and bicycle lanes.

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Life Expectancy


To learn more about Leadership Team meetings, committees and projects, download the North Central Leadership Team summary. Pending partners are encouraged to attend to learn more about the Live Well San Diego vision. To find out about what's going on with recognized partners in North Central San Diego County, please visit the News & Partners page.

For more information or to be included on the e-mail list, please contact Katherine Judd at (619) 401-3836.  


Time: 12:00PM-1:30PM

Reoccurrence: 2nd Wednesday of every month

Meeting locations: Vary each month