Community Leadership Team

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Working Together to Improve South County Communities

Live Well San Diego Community Leadership Teams tie together the collective efforts of community groups and stakeholders in each region and provide a central point for planning and organizing collaborative action. The Live Well San Diego South Region Leadership Team was formed in October 2010 with the goal of improving community wellness and reducing health disparities among children and families living in South Region San Diego.  The Leadership Team brings together public health agencies, local governments, school districts, health care organizations and professionals, and community-based organizations to promote policy, environment and systems changes that create safe, healthy and equitable communities. These activities help to inform the regions’ Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) which details key priorities, strategies, resources, projects and programs that can be leveraged to address the Building Better Health Living Safely  and Thriving components of the Live Well San Diego vision specifically in the South Region. 


Leadership Team Meetings

Pending partners are encouraged to attend the South Region Community Leadership Team meetings to learn more about the Live Well San Diego vision. To learn more about what's going on with recognized partners in the South Region of San Diego County, visit the South Region News & Partners page.

For more information about the South Region's Community Leadership Team or to be included on the e-mail list, please contact Elena Quintanar at (619) 616-6656.


South Region Community Leadership Committees

Access to Health Home

  • Improve access to a comprehensive medical, dental and mental health home for grandparents and other kin raising grandchildren/kin.
  • Improve access to a comprehensive medical, dental and mental health home for persons referred to mental health services.
  • Improve access to a comprehensive medical, dental and mental health home for pregnant women and young children.

Safety & Violence Prevention

  • Increase safety in the community to increase pedestrian and child safety.
  • Increasing safety in multi-housing community.
  • Increasing safety in the community by preventing underage drinking and proliferation of alcohol outlets.

Healthy Food Access, Physical Activity & Active Living

  • Increasing physical activity and access to nutritious food options.
  • Developing systems within schools for measuring and reporting BMI/ Healthy weight plans.