Intergenerational Programs Directory

Intergenerational programs offer people of different ages the opportunity to come together and share their talents, experiences, knowledge, and skills. Such programs can provide benefits to all involved and foster life-enhancing growth, understanding, and friendship. With a belief that older adults are one of San Diego County's most valuable resources, the County of San Diego embraced county-wide development of intergenerational efforts in 2002. Since that time, the County has partnered with multiple community-based organizations and provided funding to create projects that have served thousands of youth and older adults.

The Intergenerational Programs Directory was developed to serve as a central resource for intergenerational initiatives in San Diego County. The directory includes a summary of each program, along with its goals, objectives, outcomes, funding sources, and contact information. The directory is designed to be useful both to those wishing to participate in existing projects as well as to those wanting to create new ones. Download the directory at the link below to begin looking for opportunities that inspire you.


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