Intergenerational Resources

The following resources can help you learn more about intergenerational efforts.

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    Virginia Tech University

    Best Practices in Intergenerational Progamming, worksheets 1 through 11.

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    Penn State University Intergenerational Program

    Resources for organizations to enrich people's lives and address community and social issues.

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    Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

    Research on intergenerational relationships, integrating practical, theoretical, familial and policy perspectives on intergenerationality.

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    Beth Johnson Foundation

    A national charity dedicated to making a future for all ages.


Get Involved

 Are you interested in incorporating intergenerational efforts into the work you do but aren’t sure where to start?  This Intergenerational Program Planner, developed by Dr. Nancy Henkin, an expert in the field, can help you and your organization formulate plans, assess readiness, identify possible partners, and develop strategies to make your ideas a reality.

To assess the need for intergenerational connection within your community, these two questionnaires – one designed for older adults and the other for young adults/youth - can be helpful tools.  They not only help gauge the level of interest in connecting with different generations, but also identify specific, desired intergenerational activities.  Feel free to add your organization’s logo, edit these tools as needed, and distribute them to clients and other members of your community as you plan your intergenerational efforts.