Voices of The Community

Community Mentorship Summit Program

  • The first annual Community Mentor Summit 2018 brought together individuals who represent the mentoring movement: grassroots mentors with lived experience in the juvenile and criminal justice system, key juvenilejustice leaders, government and civic leaders. This conference featured the long-standing work and legitimacy of community mentors with lived experience – past, present and future.

Live Well Communities Listening Sessions - Moderator Guide and Summary

  • A total of 5 listening sessions were held with community residents within the catchment area between February and June 2017. Sessions were inclusive and reflective of community diversity, with participation from service providers, various age groups, and ethnic groups, including native Spanish-speakers.

Mental Health Town Hall - Summary

  •  Mental Health Town Hall Meeting was hosted by the County of San Diego in participation with a local ethnic newspaper. The meeting intent was to engage the Southeastern San Diego community in a discussion about mental health and implementation of services at the future Southeastern Live Well Center, slated to open in 2021.

Community S.O.A.R Analysis - Summary

  • On May 4, 2016, community leaders, organizations, and individuals convened and completed a Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results (SOAR) analysis for multiple areas of influence.

Resident Leaders In Action - Flyer

  • Resident Leaders in Action (RLIA) program built upon the existing RLA structure and engaged six previous Resident Leadership Academy graduates as participants in an extended “Train the Trainer” module. 




Resident Leaders In Action
Community Listening Session: Southeastern Live Well Center
Live Well Neighborhoods