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Free4ME: Supporting Menstrual Equity

The County of San Diego supports menstrual equity and is proud to provide free, organic menstrual products (tampons and pads) in County facilities.

Through the Free 4 Menstrual Equity, or Free4ME, pilot program, the County has installed 57 “free-vend” menstrual product dispensers in 23 County facilities across the region, and counting! These facilities include libraries, Family Resource Centers and Community Centers. 

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Why Menstrual Equity Matters

Nearly  two-thirds of low-income people with periods in the U.S. report having been unable to afford menstrual products during the previous year, and frequently must decide between purchasing food or other necessities and menstrual products (learn more ). This is refered to as period poverty and disproportionately impacts people experiencing homelessness, transgender people, youth and low-income individuals. 

With community partners, the County developed the Free4ME pilot program to combat period poverty and promote menstrual equity. #SDFree4ME



What Does This Service Mean to You?

Let us know what access to free menstrual products means to you, and how we can improve this service - Free4ME Feedback Form.


Free4Me in the News

San Diego County Installs Free Menstrual Product Dispensers in 23 Public Facilities (NBCSD, May 28, 2021)

KBPS Interview with Dr. Motadel, the County of San Diego's Child Health Officer (KBPS, June 3, 2021)



The County worked with Aunt FlowR to supply free-vending menstrual product dispensers and organic products. Learn more about Aunt FlowR and their work in the menstrual equity movement. #GoAuntFlow



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