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How-To Technology Videos

Learn how to use different apps to virtually connect, engage, and order essentials. Stay tuned for more videos! 


The County of San Diego is committed to providing the support and information necessary to ensure that members of the community have access to the resources they need to stay healthy, safe and thriving. These How-To Technology Videos can help teach you and your loved ones how to stay connected and get the things you need using technology, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer. 




How-To Navigate the COVID-19 Vaccine

These videos are designed to help you navigate the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. Learn when you are eligible and how to sign up with the following videos provided in multiple languages.


How to Use MyTurn to Schedule an Appointment



How to Use the County Vaccine Website to Find and Schedule an Appointment

Cómo usar My Turn para programar una cita





Cómo usar el sitio web de vacunación del condado para buscar y programar una cita

كيف تستخدم موقع دوري لحجز موعد؟



كيف تجد وتحجز موعد باستخدام موقع المقاطعة الخاص باللقاح




Paano gamitin ang MyTurn upang mag-iskedyul ng isang appointment



Cách Sử dụng MyTurn để Lên lịch hẹn



My Turn을 이용해 예방 접종 예약을 하는 방법




How-To for Productivity

Learn how to use the following apps to help increase your productivity while at home or on the go! The following apps are free to download both in Android and IOs app stores. 


How to Use Google Drive to Securely Share Files with Others


How to Use Google Calendar to Schedule Meetings & More


How to Use Focus To-Do for Organization & Time Management




How-To for E-Payment Apps

Technology has made it easier than ever to transfer money from one person to another. Learn how to send and receive payments in a safe and secure way through the following applications.


How to Use PayPal


How to Use Venmo


How to Use Google Pay



How to Use Apple Pay




How-To Order Food Delivery

Want to have your favorite food delivered to your home, but not sure how? Watch these How-To Order Food Delivery videos to learn how to browse your local restaurants and fast food, place your order within the app, charge to your credit card, and track your delivery in real-time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

How to Use Postmates to Order Food


How to Use DoorDash to Order Food


How to Use Uber Eats to Order Food



How to Use Instacart for Grocery Delivery


How to Use the Walmart App for Grocery Delivery


How to Use the Vons App for Grocery Delivery



How to Use Amazon Fresh for Grocery Delivery




How-To for Social Connection

These apps are great for keeping you in touch with loved ones from a distance. Learn how to set-up your personal account and use Duo, Skype, and WhatsApp for video calls, voice calls, and messaging with these How-To videos below.



How to Use Duo for Video Calling


How to Use Skype for Calls, Text, and Video


How to Use WhatsApp for Calls, Text, and Video




How-To for Exercise and Mindfulness

Nowadays, there are many great ways to stay active and centered from the comfort of our own home. Below are some free apps that can help you relax, destress, and track your exercise. Learn how to set-up your account and use each of the apps in these tutorials. 



How to Use Gratitude for Online Journaling


How to Use Insight Timer for Meditation


How to Use Breath2Relax for Stress Management



How to Use UCLA Mindful to Journal


How to Use Take a Break to Meditate


How to Use Nike Training Club to Workout



How to Use Yoga For Beginners


How to Use Map My Walk to Track Activity


How to Use Daily Workout to Exercise