LIVE WELL SAN DIEGO : Partnering For Communications



Danielle Berger

Director of Planning
Circulate San Diego

Danielle is the Director of Planning at Circulate San Diego and leads the for-fee consulting services of the organization. She is an urban planner who is passionate about sustainable transportation and development. She is a native San Diegan and has spent time living and working in Toronto, New York, and Salt Lake City. Her work focuses on increasing livability through active transportation, public space activation, recreational access planning, and event programming.     



Jennifer Hunt

Advocacy Coordinator
San Diego Bicycle Coalition

Jennifer is Advocacy Coordinator for the San Diego Bicycle Coalition. Born and raised in San Diego, she loves her city and advocating for better bicycle infrastructure in the County of San Diego. She enjoys advocating for a healthier, safer, high quality option in regard to mode of travel in communities. Jennifer is passionate about city planning, communication, meeting new people, learning new languages, education and positive transformation.      



Judi Tentor

Executive Director
Bike SD

Ms. Tentor believes that if more people ride bicycles, we will create communities and cities that are cleaner, quieter, greener and better. Bicycling is an easy, economical, joyful and healthy mode of transportation. BikeSD advocates for bicycle infrastructure and promotes everyday riding so San Diego can become a world-class bicycling city and a more livable urban community.     



Sophie Wolfram

Director of Programs
Climate Action Campaign

Sophie is the Director of Programs at Climate Action Campaign, where she leads advocacy and education campaigns to move the San Diego region away from fossil fuels and toward 100% clean energy and healthy, connected communities. She believes that the climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time and that we must response collectively by restructuring the systems that shape our day-to-day lives. Her experience fighting for environmental protection and social justice spans nine years and includes coalition building, policy analysis, teaching and organizing.



Lana Findlay

Communications Manager
Live Well San Diego Support Team, County of San Diego

Ms. Findlay oversees communications and branding for the Live Well San Diego vision. Ms. Findlay combines over 20 years of experience as a health scientist and communication specialist to educate and engage all stakeholders to create behavior change through communications. As manager of the Communications Team, she works with partners and County staff to develop strategy, ensure consistent messaging and branding, and align and promote efforts by organizations and individuals to advance the vision. 


Andrea Nasser pic


Andrea Nasser

Health Information Specialist II
Live Well San Diego Support Team, County of San Diego

Ms. Nasser leads the external branding efforts for Live Well San Diego as part of the Communications Team, with more than seven years of experience in developing tailored communications to meet the needs of diverse populations. She works with Recognized Partners to showcase their impact through the Live Well San Diego communications channels and shares information and resources to help all San Diegans live healthy, safe and thrive.