Best Practices for Community & Faith-Based Organizations

Live Well San Diego strives to connect organizations of every kind—cities and governments, businesses, healthcare organizations, schools, and community- and faith-based organizations—through a shared purpose. Community and faith-based organizations throughout the region have the potential to reach out to individuals and families throughout San Diego County. Working together, partner organizations are sharing best practices and hosting programs that support healthy, safe and thriving communities and congregations.

Community and faith-based partners are working together to support Safe Routes programs, neighborhood clean ups and accident prevention at home for families.  They are also using educational and promotional materials to encourage at-risk community members to eat more fruits and vegetables, incorporate physical activity into their daily routines and work with vulnerable populations for disaster preparedness.  Protecting residents from crime through neighborhood watch programs, promoting drug-free and gang-free communities, and making homes safe from unintentional injuries can improve quality of life.

Best Practices for Community and Faith-Based Organizations

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    2018 Report Card on Children and Families

    Documents the status of health, safety and well-being of children and families in San Diego County.

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    Food Donation Action Plan for the San Diego Region

    Plan to support and improve food donation to help address food and nutrition insecurity.

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    USDA Farmer's Market Promotion Program

    Funding from the USDA to increase access to and consumption of locally grown foods.

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    Childhood Obesity Initiative: Community Workgroup

    Brings community organizations and residents together to improve neighborhood food and physical activity environments.