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Thriving Outdoors With Healthy Day Partners: Gardening as a Gateway to a Healthier Lifestyle and Nourished Community

Post Date:10/10/2023 2:57 PM

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By Mim Michelove, CEO/President, Healthy Day Partners


In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it's easy to lose touch with nature and how it benefits our well-being. Healthy Day Partners is changing that narrative. This San Diego nonprofit is committed to promoting healthier lives through fruit and vegetable gardening and is a leading force in the movement to cultivate healthier communities by advocating for growing food when and where it’s needed to improve the health of its residents and the health of the planet.

Healthy Day Partners’ mission is encapsulated in its motto, "Grow Food - End Hunger - Save the Planet." The group emphasizes the profound impact of gardening as an outdoor activity on one’s physical and mental health as well as the health of the environment.

Healthy Day Partners began its journey with the Ocean Knoll Farm and Farm Lab/DREAMS campus, and evolved to address such critical issues as food insecurity and climate change. It offers programs that equip people with lifelong skills for growing food, thriving outdoors, and increasing resiliency during natural disasters and extreme weather. Their school garden and farm initiatives address the urgency of addressing food insecurity and climate resistance in San Diego County.

Through innovative programs, Healthy Day Partners empowers individuals to make a positive impact on their communities by helping to provide equal access to fresh, local, nutritious food.

Grab & Grow Gardens:

The Grab & Grow Gardens program empowers food-insecure individuals and communities to grow their own produce to enhance food sovereignty, public health, and intergenerational connections. Over 30,000 Grab & Grow Gardens have been donated.

Homegrown Hunger Relief:

The Homegrown Hunger Relief program helps home gardeners donate their excess bounty to support local food pantries and feeding programs. Over 31,000 pounds of fresh, homegrown produce have been donated to help nourish neighbors in need.

Healthy Communities Fruit Tree Program:

The Healthy Communities Fruit Tree Program is a collaborative effort with San Diego Gas & Electric to plant fruit trees in communities of concern. Local school and community gardens can apply to receive up to 10 free fruit trees to share with residents, thus reducing greenhouse gasses, beautifying communities, and promoting healthy eating and food security. Over 100 fruit trees have been planted to date.

You can support their mission by downloading the Fresh Food Connect/Homegrown Hunger Relief app on Apple or Android, volunteering, or sponsoring a program.

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Healthy Day Partners has been a Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner since 2016. Join Healthy Day in growing a healthier, more sustainable future for all because everyone deserves a healthy day. 

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