Healthy Schools

Children’s health behaviors are influenced by the choices and opportunities available in the places where they spend most of their time: home, neighborhood, and school. School districts and community partners across the county have taken active steps to improve overall student health by addressing school wellness policies, access to fresh vegetables, physical activity, social and emotional support, and equity.

Live Well Schools

Children cannot change their environments, so it is incumbent upon academic leaders to create settings where students can eat nutritious food, be active, and learn lifelong healthy habits. Strong partnerships, such as those being forged through the work of Live Well Schools, are key to helping children thrive. Moving forward, these connections can help us address health disparities and move us closer to the goal of health equity for all children in San Diego County.    

Live Well Schools Tools for Schools Directory

Live Well Schools created a searchable resource database at the request of school partners needing an easier way to find free or low cost resources that are the most helpful in meeting immediate needs and to guide long-term planning. 

Education Sector Engagement Team

The sector offers opportunities for schools, districts, stakeholders, and other organizations that serve students and families to collaborate with one another, share resources and best practices, and work together to promote healthy, safe, and thriving communities. The Education Sector includes a K-12 group as well as an Institutions of Higher Education group.