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Difficult Situations: Talking to Your Parents About Sex and Relationships

Post Date:12/19/2023 3:32 PM

From Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest 

It can feel like it’s never the right time for teens and their parents to talk about sex and relationships. Both of you may feel apprehensive about having "the talk." But the truth is that most teens say they want to have these conversations. By talking with their parents, teens learn accurate and comprehensive information about consent, unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unhealthy relationships.

First, it’s not weird to talk about sex. But we get stuck in the awkwardness of how to start. So congrats on being brave!  

Here are a few tips:  

  • · Choose the right time and place. Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won't be interrupted. Pick a time when your parent is relaxed and not in a rush. The car or while walking are good when you feel awkward (no eye contact!).  
  • · Begin the conversation with something like, "Hey, can we talk about something that's been on my mind?" This signals that you're about to discuss something important.  
  • · Share your feelings and thoughts honestly. Use "I" statements to express how you feel without making it sound accusatory. Sometimes it helps to write down your thoughts beforehand.  
  • · Be clear whether you want advice, help, or just someone to listen.  
  • · Consider starting the conversation on text if that feels more comfortable. 

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 Are You an Educator?

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