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Chula Vista Elementary School District Passionate About Each Child's Holisitc Health

Post Date:01/16/2024 11:21 AM

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By Chula Vista Elementary School District - A 10-Year Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner


Over the last decade, the Chula Vista Elementary School District has embarked on an inspiring journey to create a healthy, safe, and thriving community through innovative programs. At the center of these programs is the district’s long-standing Wellness Committee.

This collaborative powerhouse regularly convenes to devise comprehensive strategies and set ambitious wellness goals. Comprising a diverse array of stakeholders, including educators, administrators, parents, healthcare professionals, and community partners, the committee crafts policies and initiatives that holistically address physical, mental, and emotional health. Leveraging partnerships with local organizations, they magnify the reach and impact of wellness programs across the district. Some of the longest-standing partners include the County of San Diego, the City of Chula Vista, the American Heart Association, the Dairy Council of California, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and California's Schools VEBA.

Among the most impactful initiatives is the pioneering Site Wellness Leads Program, empowering designated representatives at each school to spearhead tailored wellness efforts that cater to the specific needs of their campuses. These leads have become catalysts for change, orchestrating activities promoting physical fitness, mental health, and nutritional education, seamlessly integrating wellness into the school culture for the benefit of students, staff, and families. Our partner organizations offer continued support and resources to our Site Wellness leads as they identify a site wellness goal and create an action plan to meet their goal each year.   

Further enriching the district’s wellness landscape is the Staff Sports League, an initiative spanning four years that offers employees the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports leagues including softball, kickball, indoor soccer, and bowling. This program not only promotes physical activity, but also fosters camaraderie and team spirit among staff members, contributing to a positive and healthy work environment.  

Additionally, the Chula Vista Elementary School District has introduced the Wellness Champion Awards -- an annual recognition now in its fifth year -- honoring exceptional members of the community, including employees, students, and parents, for their outstanding contributions to advancing wellness at their school sites and beyond. This prestigious award stands as a testament to the dedication and impact of these individuals, a result of the visionary work of the District Wellness Committee, further motivating and acknowledging those driving positive change within the district.  

The Chula Vista Elementary School District’s unwavering commitment to holistic wellness continues to elevate the educational experience and nurture a flourishing community. Championed for the past eight years by Heather Cruz in her role initially as coordinator of physical education, health, and wellness and her current role as director of attendance and wellness, the district sets a standard for cultivating a healthy, safe, and thriving environment for all stakeholders through innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast focus on well-being. 

Benefits of Partnership

The Chula Vista Elementary School District has reaped significant benefits by being a Recognized Partner

  1. Site Wellness Leads Program Development: One of the most tangible outcomes has been the establishment of the Site Wellness Leads Program. This initiative was born out of collaborative brainstorming sessions between Live Well Schools and Chula Vista Elementary School District leadership. These designated leads serve as liaisons between the district and their school site, fostering a culture of wellness within individual school sites and promoting health-oriented initiatives among students and staff.

  2. Live Well Advance Conference and Schools Summit Participation: Chula Vista Elementary School District’s involvement in the Live Well Advance Schools Summit has been instrumental in providing valuable insights and resources. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions and glean insights from keynote speakers. The knowledge gained from these events can be directly applied to improving the district’s approach to wellness.

  3. Membership in the Live Well San Diego South Region Leadership Team: As a part of the South Region Community Leadership Team, the Chula Vista Elementary School District enjoys extensive networking opportunities and access to a wealth of resources. Being connected to a network of individuals and organizations focused on fostering wellness and safety within the community opens doors for collaboration, sharing of best practices, and access to resources that further enhance Chula Vista Elementary School District initiatives.  
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