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Marty Acevedo's Journey is an Inspiring Story of Resilience Against Parkinson's Disease

Post Date:03/22/2024 1:33 PM

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 Submitted by the Parkinson's Association of San Diego


Marty Acevedo's journey is an inspiring story of resilience against Parkinson's disease. In her 40s, she was misdiagnosed, which led to a long period of uncertainty. Eventually, her condition was correctly identified as Parkinson's, marking the beginning of her true fight against the disease. Despite challenges like dystonia and REM sleep behavior disorder, Marty never lost her spirit. Thanks to a caring neurologist, she found effective treatment and took back control of her life.

Marty chose not to let Parkinson's define her. Instead, she became a key figure in healthcare advocacy, sharing her experience and the emotional challenges of living with a chronic condition. Upon retiring early due to health issues, she poured her energy into the Parkinson's Association of San Diego, where she became an essential board member, mentor, and is now the board president.

Marty's work with the Parkinson's Association of San Diego has provided crucial support and guidance to others facing Parkinson's, building a community filled with hope and resilience. Her story motivates people to change the narrative around Parkinson's, highlighting the power of determination and advocacy.

For Marty, volunteering goes beyond any job—it's a calling. She's dedicated to making a real difference in people's lives.


Join the Fight for Parkinson's Walk on April 6, 2024!

Come walk alongside Marty and other Live Well San Diego Partners to support Parkinson's Association of San Diego by volunteering at the Annual Walk on April 6. You can help with outreach, on-the-day events, forming teams, and finding sponsors.


Volunteer to Make an Impact

Help support Parkinson's Association of San Diego by volunteering for other events and providing support for the annual Golf Tournament and Empowerment Day. By working together, we can increase awareness, offer resources, and encourage community collaboration. This strengthens individuals and the community as a whole.

The Parkinson's Association of San Diego’s partnership with Live Well enhances its efforts through collaboration with other partners, amplifying impact and benefiting everyone involved. This wide network of collaboration enhances the support Parkinson's Association of San Diego can offer, benefiting individuals with Parkinson’s and their families throughout the community.

To be part of this important work, visit: or call (858) 210-5674  to learn more. Join the Parkinson's Association of San Diego in promoting health, wellness, and empowerment.

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