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Raegan Beckham’s Journey Marked by Adversity; Dream Me Lifted Her Up

Post Date:05/30/2024 9:09 AM


Submitted by Raegan Beckham, Senior Administrator of Dream Me


Amidst the chaos of split homes and financial strain, a beacon of hope emerged within me in a time of struggle. Raised in the whirlwind of hotel rooms, car rides, and two homes—one being held together by the resilience of a single mother—my journey was marked by adversity. Yet, through the turbulence, I found solace in the unyielding support of Dream Me.

Growing up, I went back and forth between Mom’s and Dad’s houses. It constantly felt like tug-a-war, being pulled to decide between my parents. Mom’s house consisted of hotel rooms, the backseat of a brown minivan that smelled of Scooby Doo snacks, and, eventually, a little apartment in Los Angeles. We rose before the sun, relying on the humble offerings of continental breakfasts in hotels when groceries were beyond our grasp.

Whereas dad's was a three-story home with lots of fighting and mental abuse from my stepmother. It was a beautiful home that took care of us, but at 15, I remember walking home to an eviction sign on the front door. I remember being the only black family in such a big house in our whole neighborhood and knowing everyone would remember us as the only family with that big red eviction sign.

On this day, something broke inside my father spiritually, and his soul indeed never was the same. So, at 15, we returned to hotels and stayed at whichever friend or relative offered a couch, room, or space on the floor. My little brother graduated high school, and no one knew that he slept on the living room floor on blankets and pillows next to my father the whole year.

It was ultimately decided I was to move full time with my mother, who now owned a quant tiny home in Escondido.

She worked diligently as a hairdresser. She worked and worked and worked, standing on her feet with a broken foot to still take clients. When my stepfather lost his job, she worked some more. My Sunday mornings always consisted of a client sitting in her chair on her day off. I knew that as the big sister in the home now, I needed to help. So, I picked up jobs to help pay for college applications, a car, and groceries.

In the darkest moments, when abandoning my college dreams seemed inevitable, and hope seemed a distant memory, Dream Me emerged as my saving grace.

I was 19 with 5 dollars to my name, 35 minutes away from school, a quarter tank of gas, and a Biology lab that was mandatory to attend. Here was where I was going to give up. I didn't know how I would be able to continue college or help my family out.


When I fell down, Dream Me lifted me up.

Extending support precisely when I needed it most. Gas cards and groceries alleviated the burden of my daily struggles, while workshops and mentorship opportunities illuminated a path of hope for the future.

But it wasn't just Dream Me that kept my spirit afloat—it was the steadfast support of the community I found through Dream Me. My track team at San Diego Mesa College—a partner with Dream Me—became my second family, offering not only companionship but also invaluable connections to colleges and opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

Through Dream Me workshops, I unearthed a newfound passion and resolve within myself. With each hurdle I surmounted, I grew more assertive, more resilient, and more determined.

Now, as I stand poised on the precipice of a new chapter in my life, I am the Senior Administrator of Dream Me and Executive Assistant to the founder of Xnergy Financial. I carry with me the wisdom gained and the support bestowed upon me. With Dream Me standing by my side and a community that believes in my potential, I am ready to confront whatever challenges lie ahead. I am more financially stable and can see my future mapped out for me. And as I stride into the future, I will do so with an unshakeable conviction that the brightest days are yet to come. 


Dream Me: 

Dream Me is an organization dedicated to serving foster families and children in need through direct financial support and by connecting them with vital community resources and support. Our goal is to offer tailored assistance to child in need, ensuring they receive individualized attention, resources,  and funding. Advocacy is at the heart of our work as we provide the necessary funding and access to mentorship, educational opportunities, guidance, and emotional support. Many of our children have experienced hardship and trauma and lack the funding, family network and resources essential for their well-being.. Through our efforts, we aim to raise awareness within the community and garner support for these children. At Dream Me, we believe in nurturing each child's potential and creating a brighter future for those in need. 

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