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Art has a Voice and Speaks at the Southeastern Live Well Center

When you visit the new Southeastern Live Well Center for the first time, prepare for a beautiful surprise. The bright, welcoming facility is a stark contrast to more traditional buildings that provide social services to the public. The community has been consulted on nearly every aspect of the Southeastern Live Well Center, from the services offered onsite to the design, color, look, layout and feel of the building. Area residents also voted and chose the local artists and their work to be featured throughout the facility. The result is truly a work of art.

A Bronze Winner for the Southeastern Live Well Center

From the first days of planning, the local community has played a prominent role in the creation, design and workforce for the new Southeastern Live Well Center. The planning also included extensive outreach to get community feedback and preferences for the artwork to be featured inside and outside of the building. More than 100 local artists submitted applications to the Southeastern Live Well Center’s Public Art Advisory Committee in April 2022 and fourteen finalists were selected as feature artists. Manuelita Brown, along with contributing artist, Judy Salinsky, were among the lucky fourteen.


Southeastern Live Well Center Skylight Art Reflects the Beauty of Water and Community

Visitors to the Southeastern Live Well Center will be treated to an inspiring artistic experience. Thirty-three local artists have their original work on display, for a total of 50 pieces of art throughout the building and on the property. 

One of those artists is Kaori Fukuyama and her beautiful three-dimensional piece floats suspended above the interior staircase. 

The Stairway Tells Stories at the Southeastern Live Well Center

When the new Southeastern Live Well Center opens to the public this fall, visitors will walk through the building and find themselves on an artistic journey.

One of the feature pieces is incorporated into the building’s central stairwell. It is a multimedia display using textiles to represent cultures of the past, present and future by Oaxacan artist, Francisco Eme and ceramic artist, Evan Lopez.

Southeastern Live Well Center Artist Focuses on Family

When the new Southeastern Live Well Center opens this fall, it will debut not only as a centralized hub for public services, but also as a place filled with stunning art. Each of the pieces on display have been chosen by the community and are a reflection of its history, culture and diversity.

One of the artists featured is famed Chicano painter and muralist, Victor Ochoa.

The Southeastern Live Well Center Helps Build a New Career

The new Southeastern Live Well Center on the corner of Market Street and Euclid Avenue is a project for the community and by the community. Area residents voted and chose the building’s design and color scheme. Outreach events, online surveys and public meetings shaped the exterior and interior details including all of the artistic décor.




Community Input Sought for Display Honoring Tubman-Chavez Community Center at New Southeastern Live Well Center

A community input tour to help select between two concepts to honor the Tubman Chavez Community Center is planned from January 14 through February 4. During tour stops, community members are invited to share their thoughts on a planned new display that will spotlight the rich history of the Tubman Chavez.

New County Southeastern Live Well Center to Feature Array of Work from Local Artists

The County of San Diego’s new Southeastern Live Well Center will open next year, and even before visitors walk inside, they will be greeted by special public art that represents and reflects the dynamism of the Southeastern community.


Art depicting moments and people in history

Southeastern Live Well Center rendering

Artists Invited to Shape Creative Vision For Southeastern Live Well Center

Local artists are invited to participate in shaping the creative vision for the new Southeastern Live Well Center, which will serve as a hub for County and community services.