Youth and Young Adult Video & Visual Art Challenge

Scoop from You(th) Challenge: Opioid Crisis

The County of San Diego is pleased to announce the 2023 Scoop From You(th) Challenge: Opioid Crisis awardees! Youth and young adults joined the challenge to raise awareness about the risks of illicit fentanyl and the importance of naloxone to help prevent opioid-related overdoses through the medium of video and visual art.

The following individuals demonstrated outstanding contributions, dedication, and innovative approaches towards addressing the pressing issue of the opioid crisis among San Diego County youth and young adults. The County of San Diego commends their creativity and inspirational work in overdose prevention.         


Anessa's Challenge EntryAnessa S.

“I found out about the Scoop From You(th) challenge while searching for local scholarship opportunities in the beginning of my senior year. When I learned about this challenge I realized that despite living in San Diego since I was born, I hadn't done much to contribute to my own community. I wanted to raise some awareness about health risks through my art and came up with the idea of making a poster that presented facts about Fentanyl and how to prevent someone from overdosing. When painting this poster I tried to make it eye-catching as well as informational which resulted in an explosion of many colors and words at the first glance. The information I gained from participating in this challenge reminded me of how students should not only be taught about the health risks of illicit fentanyl but also taught about the tools to stop an overdose so I made sure to include both in the poster. I was mainly inspired by the information provided from the articles that emphasized how many aren't aware of the amount of fentanyl that could be in their pills. I personally didn't know about narcan until a high school program that I participated in at UCSD so I feel like everyone should be taught more about narcan and how accessible it is while in school.” 


 Joelle C. 

 Alexandra M. 

 Ricardo A. 


Annelise M. 

Annika's challenge entry

Annika S.

Roma G.

 About the 2023 Challenge

Videos and visual art pieces were designed using the participant’s preferred creative outlet. Challenge submissions will be distributed throughout County sites viewed by the public, so we are looked for positive messages in addition to on-topic messaging. Some of our judging criteria included accuracy of information, appeal to youth, originality, creativity, message, and inspiration. Acceptable submissions included: a TikTok, Instagram Reel, Facebook Story, YouTube video, a painting, meme, poster, handout, flyer, or infographic.


Eligible youth and young adults participated by submitting up to one entry per category, however the number of entries did not impact an individual's overall score and individuals could only be selected to win one category (Platinum, Gold, or Silver).

  • Tik Talk: Provide an overview on a topic related to the opioid crisis, such as illicit fentanyl or naloxone. Submissions must be 10 minutes or less and feature at least one resource for the community.
  • Fast Facts: Create an original handcrafted or digitally designed piece of visual art that highlights at least one fact specifically about illicit fentanyl or naloxone. See Official Entry Requirements, Rules, and Tips for required citations.
  • Real Reel: Create a 15- to 90-second video that provides a personal testimonial or public service announcement related to the opioid crisis. Submissions must provide a clear call to action.

Winner Selection

Challenge Award Breakdown Table 


All gift cards awards provided, totaling $2,700, are from contributions made by our sponsor, Rescue Agency.

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