2021-2022 Youth Leadership Team

In addition to County staff, the Youth Sector is comprised of Youth Advisors and the Youth Leadership Team. The first cohort of Youth Advisors and Youth Leaders were part of the Youth Sector from March 2021 through January 2022.

2021-2022 Youth Advisors & Leadership Team

Youth Advisors

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Andrew T.

Lauren Salaiz

Lauren Salaiz

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Sara Gomez-Zuniga

Youth Leaders

Ashley Valentin

Ashley Gonzalez | Spotlight

B Yumul

B Yumul | Spotlight

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Ben Grube

DJ Murchison

DJ Murchison | Spotlight

Fei Chan

Fei Chan | Spotlight

Keari Jones

Keari Jones | Spotlight

Lina Phung

Ngoc (Lina) Phung | Spotlight

Malaya Pojas

Malaya Pojas | Spotlight

Mercedez Roman

Mercedez Roman | Spotlight

Michael Priebe

Michael Priebe | Spotlight

Nadeen Youhanan | Spotlight

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Rocky Dove

Sam Dunlap

Sam Dunlap | Spotlight

Sam Moehlig | Spotlight